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New Tutor

Imtiaz Uddin
Imtiaz Uddin Reyan

Student of Govt.Kobi Nazul Collage.Dhaka

Monthly 5000 Tk.

Shahin Hossain

Student of Govt. Shahid suhrawardi college

Monthly 4000 Tk.

Md Helal
Md Helal Karim

Student of Habibullah Bahar Universit, Shantinagar, Dhaka

Monthly 4000 Tk.

Anik Mondal

Student of Tejgaon university and college

Monthly 3000 Tk.

Kalyan Halder

Sr. Developer of SoftBD LTD.

Monthly 4000 Tk.

Debasree Banik

Monthly 3500 Tk.

    How to Add a New Node to Kubespray Manased Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster

    I have a production ready kubernetes cluster managed by kubespray. Now I need to add additional node to the cluster. Here I am showing you how you can add a additional node to your cluster. Here my existing cluster - 

    ╰─ kubectl get nodes                                                                                                                                        
    NAME    STATUS   ROLES                  AGE    VERSION
    node1   Ready    control-plane,master   28d    v1.21.4
    node2   Ready    control-plane,master   28d    v1.21.4
    node3   Ready    <none>                 28d    v1.21.4


    Now I want to add a new node4 to the cluster. First of all I need to edit the existing ansiable host file  which is inventory/mycluster/hosts.yaml

    # file path - inventory/mycluster/hosts.yaml
          hosts: {}


    I added node4 information in the above hosts.yaml file. Here my node4 information -

    #my node4 information 


    Now run the cluster.yml file to add the new node to the cluster.

    ansible-playbook -i inventory/mycluster/hosts.yaml cluster.yml -u root -b -l node4



    • -i : inventory file to be used
    • cluster.yml : playbook to deploy a cluster
    • -u root : the user account which we have created on all nodes for password-less ssh access.
    • -b : enable become – sudo access is needed for installing packages, starting services, creating SSL certificates etc.


    Wait to finish the process. 

    All done! Now verify the newly added node4 to the cluster.

    ╰─ kubectl get nodes                                                                                                                                        
    NAME    STATUS   ROLES                  AGE    VERSION
    node1   Ready    control-plane,master   28d    v1.21.4
    node2   Ready    control-plane,master   28d    v1.21.4
    node3   Ready    <none>                 28d    v1.21.4
    node4   Ready    <none>                 102s   v1.21.4

    Now node4 is a part of your cluster.

    Vika , Razu and
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        How to generate kubernetes dashboard access token

        How to generate kubernetes dashboard access token


        1. Create the dashboard service account

        Run the following command to create a service account

        kubectl create serviceaccount kubernetes-dashboard-admin-sa -n kube-system

        The command will create a service account in the namespace of kube-system. replace your namespace instate of kube-system


        2. Bind the service account to the cluster-admin role

        kubectl create clusterrolebinding kubernetes-dashboard-admin-sa --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:kubernetes-dashboard-admin-sa


        3. List Secretes

        kubectl get secrets -n kube-system


        4. get the token from secret

        kubectl describe secret kubernetes-dashboard-admin-sa-token-lj8cc -n kube-system


        Here your secret name can be different. Now copy the token and use it to login kubernetes dashboard.


        Lucky , Bidyut and
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          Deploy a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster With lxc Container and Kubespray

          Deploy a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster With lxc Container and Kubespray

          I am going to show the workground how you can use lxc container to create a production grade cluster. Though its hard to create kubernetes cluster with lxc container but its possible. So lets see how we can solve all of those challenges step by step

          Step 1: Prepare host machine

          a) edit following file

          nano /etc/sysctl.conf
          # Uncomment the next line to enable packet forwarding for IPv4


          b) disable firewall 

          ufw disable


          c) disable swap

          swapoff -a; sed -i '/swap/d' /etc/fstab


          d) update sysctl settings for kubernetes networking

          cat >>/etc/sysctl.d/kubernetes.conf<<EOF
          net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-ip6tables = 1
          net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-iptables = 1
          sysctl --system


          Step 2: Create lxc profile

            boot.autostart: "true"
            linux.kernel_modules: ip_vs,ip_vs_rr,ip_vs_wrr,ip_vs_sh,ip_tables,ip6_tables,netlink_diag,nf_nat,overlay,br_netfilter,nf_conntrack,xt_conntrack
            raw.lxc: |
     sys:rw cgroup:rw
            security.nesting: "true"
            security.privileged: "true"
          description: Default LXD profile
              name: eth0
              network: lxdbr0
              type: nic
              path: /
              pool: default
              type: disk
          name: microk8s
          - /1.0/instances/node1
          - /1.0/instances/node2
          - /1.0/instances/node3


          Step 3: Create a linux container 

          lxc launch -p default -p microk8s ubuntu:21.04 node1


          Step 4: Inside container do following 

          a) following command should return output

          conntrack -L
          modinfo overlay


          b) if above command output error then its seems that there some karnel related problem. Install and fix karnel issue

          sudo apt install linux-generic
          sudo apt install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r);
          sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-$(uname -r);
          sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r);

          this should fix karnel related issue.


          c) Recent kubernetes versions want to read from /dev/kmsg which is not present in the container. You need to instruct systemd to always create a symlink to /dev/console instead:

          echo 'L /dev/kmsg - - - - /dev/null' > /etc/tmpfiles.d/kmsg.conf

          if it not working then run following

          echo 'L /dev/kmsg - - - - /dev/console' > /etc/tmpfiles.d/kmsg.conf


          if it still not work then do following

          # Hack required to provision K8s v1.15+ in LXC containers
          mknod /dev/kmsg c 1 11
          echo 'mknod /dev/kmsg c 1 11' >> /etc/rc.local
          chmod +x /etc/rc.local


          d) if you need to load any module then you can run following comman

          # cmd    module name
          modprobe br_netfilter


          Thats all. Now follow the Kubespray official document.

          To access k8s cluster without execing into master node

          Download the kubectl command into your local.

          which kubectl
          # output: /usr/bin/kubectl

          Create .kube directory

          mkdir ~/.kube

          copy config from kmaster into .kube directory

          lxc file pull kmaster/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf ~/.kube/config
          #check cluster
          kubectl get nodes



          Maria , Kristina and
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            How to Permanently Solve "Temporary failure in name resolution" Issue

            Permanently Solve Temporary Failure in Name Resolution Issue

            Sometimes we face issue like 

            [email protected]:~$ ping
            ping: Temporary failure in name resolution


            We can easily solve the issue by editing /etc/resolv.conf  

            just add to the file 



            But the solution does not work when system reboot. 

            So lets solve permanently the problem. 

            Step 1: Install following lib

            sudo apt install resolvconf

            Step 2: edit following file

            nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head

            add following record to the file



            now save and reboot the system. 

            Congratulation!! We solve the problem permanently.


            Jennifer , FinderBD and
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              Prime Minister’s Education Trust Job Circular
              public Job
              Job Type: Full-time
              Salary: 35500 - 67010 tk. per month
              Application Deadline: 2021-01-13

              Applications are invited from genuine Bangladeshi nationals for direct appointment to the following posts in the Prime Minister's Education Assistance Trust.   Job summery at a glance - 


              Name of Organisation 

              Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust 

              Circular Publish Date 

              21st  December 2020 


              Official Website 

              Job Type 

              Government Job 

              Post Name 


              Number of Post 


              Nature of Job 

              Full time 


              35 years 

              Educational Qualification 

              As per circular 


              35500- 67010 

              Job Location 


              Official Website to Apply 



              13th Jan 2021 




              Tara , Fokrul and
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                Department of Agricultural Extension Recruitment Circular
                public Job
                Job Type: Full-time
                Salary: 18300 - 19300 tk. per month
                Application Deadline: 2020-12-27

                কৃষি আবহাওয়া তথ্য পদ্ধতি উন্নতকরণ প্রকল্পের নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি।


                Recruitment- Notification 
                summery at a glance -  

                Name of Organization 

                Department of Agricultural Extension-Government DAE

                Circular Publish Date 

                11 December 2020

                Job Type 

                Government Job 

                Number of Post 


                Nature of Job 

                Full time 


                From 18 to 30 years 

                Educational Qualification 

                As per circular 



                Official Website to Apply 



                27 Dec 2020

                Recruitment to the following posts on full temporary basis for the duration of the project "Agro-Climate Information System Improvement Project" being implemented by the Department of Agricultural Extension. Applications are invited from permanent citizens of Bangladesh for:

                Position NameEducational Qualifications and Experience
                Accountant 1 (one)Minimum Bachelor in Commerce from a recognised University. Must have knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint to help with accounting. Experience in public procurement, government audit system, ADP and IDA finance system will be preferred. Must have at least 5 (five) years of experience in accounting or financing. The age limit is relaxed for the more experienced.

                Office Assistant

                 1 (one)

                Minimum bachelor's degree from a recognised university. Must have experience in preparing letters, reports, other documents through MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Must have at least 2 (two) years experience in office secretarial work. The age limit is relaxed for the more experienced.



                Md suzan , Tara and
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                  Job circular at Ministry of Defense – 2020
                  public Job
                  Job Type: Full-time
                  Salary: 8000 - 26000 tk. per month
                  Application Deadline: 2021-01-04

                  Ministry of Defense published a job circular and invited applicants to apply within 04 Jan 2021.  Job summary at a glance  

                  Name of Organization 

                  Ministry of Defence (MOD) 

                  Circular Publish Date 

                  12th December 2020 

                  Job Type 

                  Government Job 

                  Number of Post 


                  Nature of Job 

                  Full time 


                  From 18 to 30 years 

                  Educational Qualification 

                  As per circular 


                  6 - 112 

                  Official Website to Apply 



                  04 Jan 2021 



                  Apply Instruction:  
                  Interested and Eligible Candidates will apply on-line. To use on-line follow the instruction below.  
                  The application process very easy. You have to Fill- up the application form with the needed information.  
                  First of all, visit and choose your Position.  


                  Upload your Color photograph and Signature.  The photograph Size should 300×300-pixel, most 100kb, and JPG Format. The signature size should 300×80-pixel, most 60KB and JPG Format.  

                  Then submit the application form. You will get the preview then download the applicant copy. 
                  You should not apply on the last day of the job circular. Because the last date may not work properly. So, apply early to avoid any kinds of problems. To finish your application, you must have to pay the application fee. You can through telitalk mobile network by sending SMS. 

                  Kalyan , Md suzan and
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                    Avoid all mistakes on the trip

                    Usually Experienced tourists give advice on what to do or see during the trip. But what do you know about what not to do on the trip? Usually, any tourist makes several mistakes on the trip. 


                    You may have to spend extra money for those mistakes or you may be wasting time or you may have missed a trip to a beautiful place. But by avoiding those mistakes, you can travel smart at a very low cost. Let's take a look at the things that should be avoided while traveling. 


                    Do not take food from main tourist places 

                    Usually, the price of food at a tourist main place is higher than any other place. When the restaurants realize that tourists may not come here a second time, they do not think much about the quality of the food. The farther you go from the tourist main place to the local restaurant, you'll find better local food at a lower cost. 


                    Take travel insurance 

                    While this may seem like an extra expense, accidents can happen at any time. You should be highly prepared for that. Travel insurance will protect you in case of loss of your hobby camera, injury to limbs, etc. 


                    Also, if you face these problems without insurance, it can cost much extra money. So it is wise to take out travel insurance. 


                    Do not exchange money at the airport 

                    When you travel to another country, you have to exchange money. But never do that from the airport. Usually, the exchange rate is the lowest at the airports. 


                    Exchange money from ATM or credit card. If that is not possible, do it from the nearest bank. You can exchange money at a very good rate from ATM or bank. 


                    Taxi service should take less 

                    Usually, the taxi service is more everywhere. However, this service can be taken if the rent can be shared with two or three people. So it is better to take public services for travel. 


                    Hostel accommodation 

                    Most people think the hostel is a very dirty, smelly environment that is chosen by relatively indigent travelers. It used to be like this but now it has changed a lot. Many hostels are much cleaner than hotels. You will also find hostels with various facilities including pool games, TV, laundry. Hostels are a good option for low-cost backpack travelers. 


                    Not booking hotels and flights much earlier 

                    The earlier a trip is booked, the more likely it is that the cost will increase. Apparently, you are being offered a discount on a flight or hotel shortly before the start of the trip but you cannot accept it because you have booked in advance. So wait for the offer. Understand the situation and book a hotel or flight at different times. 


                    Go to the local tourist office 

                    Go to the tourist office of the place you are traveling to. There you will find maps, guides or a good idea of where to stay. Their job is to help tourists. So go there and learn about the relevant information and various offers. 


                    Usually, most of these mistakes are made by tourists which is a waste of money and time. You must keep such mistakes in mind while traveling and avoid them properly.


                    Kalyan , Md and
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                      Tips to book a low-cost hotel for travel

                      On the trip, we are all more or less worried about the hotel. How will the hotel be or not! Also, because of the high cost of good hotels, many people have to stay in low-quality hotels at low cost. If the hotel is not available as you like, then the pleasure of travel seems to be reduced. So, let's know, about some ways to book a hotel at a low cost. 


                      Book from hotel booking site: 

                      Many times different hotel booking sites announce different offers or discounts. Through this offer, you can also find a low-cost hotel between two hotels with the same quality and facilities. You can consider those hotel ratings to understand good or bad hotels. 

                      Most hotel booking sites have facilities to find low-cost hotels. So you can try to find low-cost hotels from hotel booking sites. Agoda,, Trivago are among the most popular hotel booking sites. 


                      Contact the hotel website directly: 

                      If you are thinking of staying in a globally branded hotel, you can contact the website of those hotels directly. Usually, those hotels publish their offers on their own site. If you book directly in these hotels, you will get several benefits later. 

                      For example, you will get loyalty points which will give you various benefits including discounts later on. That is why it is better to book these hotels directly by yourself than by any other medium. 


                      negotiate with price: 

                      Bargaining can reduce room costs. You can reduce the hotel room rent by bargaining by phone or by going directly to the hotel. Also in the off-season, you can get a room at a much lower cost. 


                      Loyalty Rewards Program: 

                      Different brands or mobile phone operators give loyalty points to their customers at different times. By accumulating these loyalty points you can get quite a good discount. Brands can use this loyalty program as travel deals. This will greatly reduce your hotel expenses on travel. 


                      Using a bank card: 

                      Many times different banks offer quite good discounts to their credit card customers during hotel bill payments. In a very luxurious hotel, you can halve the cost by paying with a bank card. So find out about such offers and try to use the card in bill payment. 


                      Trying to buy someone else's reservation: 

                      Sometimes it happens many people reserve hotel rooms but can't go for their business or various activities and they even cannot cancel the reservation. In such cases, many of them try to leave the reserve room at a low cost. So you can look for such offers from different sites and hotels. Try to accept any such offer. Your hotel costs will come down considerably. 


                      Good quality and comfortable hotels are quite necessary to fully enjoy the trip. So follow the tips above and enjoy the trip better by reducing your hotel expenses. 


                      Kalyan , Kaiser and
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